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Cabal Online Europe Interview: Getting Into the Updates for OnRPG 2


OnRPG: How many new monsters were introduced at the opening of Illusion Castle and Cabal Online? What were the things you considered when you were thinking of the monsters you would include in the dungeons? How much effort do players need to exert to take down the monsters found on Illusion Castle and Steamer Crazy?

The monsters inside both dungeons are members of the two monster clans serving as the opponents. Inside Illusion Castle the players will find themselves pitted against much stronger versions of the monsters from the Phantasmal Clan, and the bosses are all new - both in appearance and abilities and tactics. Inside Steamer Crazy players will find some of the Metal Clan monsters at the start, and all new monsters in the second part of the dungeon.


OnRPG: What were the things you considered when you included the New Epic Weaponry, Lycanus as drop items in Illusion castle?

The Lycanus weapons are very special. Unlike any other weapons available in-game at the moment they come with three bonus options at the same time (the normal is one), and they are character-binding once picked up. They have the potential to be some of the most powerful weapons in Cabal alz, so they were made binding to compensate and to protect the market. Of course, you will also notice the fantastic appearance of these weapons - they are really raising the bar as far as aesthetics are concerned.


OnRPG: Where did the title Lycanus come from? How does it fit to the whole Cabal alz lore?

Lycanus weapons can only be obtained from one specific location: Players have to defeat Kaneph Lycanus, the final boss of the Illusion Castle dungeon. The weapons are therefore named after the foe that drops them.

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