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Equip Mithril of Cabal


Well, let's say the tit kat 40 CD +7 will get dusty soon in Cabal, but you can buy mith kat 7 amp +6 and couple with the phery 40 CD +7, and you will have no problems with atk base. Also don't forget about the tit 40 CD helm, mby 40/7 if you are lucky, this is end-game item lol. The time you waste to level70 and farm these dungs, will be aproximatly 1 month, but you get very good equip !

The tit 40 CD +7 are good weapons until end-game. An osm 40 CD +7(cabal alz), costs 2bil+(only a part). With this Cabal gold, you can buy 4x rof+10 and use with the 40 CD tit +7, and it will do very good.

Well we quite agree on that, for helm it is end game item. About weapon tit gets dusty, that is true, but keep in mind that you can equip mithril at 115+ and that weapons at +6 cost 110kk+ (at lest Jupiter server), so lots of people that start 1st char dont have money for it, if that is case probably that titanium katana is best solution(cabal gold). And we think you need less then month to do dungs, all in all if you do them from level 55 when it starts you get like 1,5 level(Cabal Powerleveling) per dung, im sure it stops later on, but still.You can  buy alz.


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