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Leech percentage


Leech percentage is the amount of HP/MP you can regain of the damage you do to a mob per hit. Imagine you equip one Life Absorb Ring+3- +5% HP Steal. This means you steal 5% of the damage you do to an enemy per skill. So if your skill does 500 dmg to a mob, you would be able to regain 25 HP per skill and cabal Gold from that mob.

Unfortunaltly this is not that simple and here is where the leech limit-cap (cabal alz) comes into play. Leech limit-cap- The leech limit-cap is the maximum amount of HP/MP you can steal from an enemy per skill. By default the base cap is 10% of your current level. So when you are lvl 140 you can steal a maximum of 14 HP/MP per skill.

So if we take the earlier example, you would be able to steal 25 HP, but because of the cap you only steal 14 HP. That is not too good. By the way, if you want to buy Cabal Alz, please go our site. To raise the cap you can equip items that add HP and/or MP per hit. These items have a line in their description that says Max HP Steal per hit + X. This adds a certain ammount of HP/MP to your leech limit-cap.

Now you add a Vampiric Earring+3 to your Life Absorb ring+3cabal gold, This earring gives +25 HP/MP max steal, if you were to be Level 140, your current leech cap would be: 14+25 = 39, thus now you would be leeching up to 39 HP/MP per hit, just keep adding until you are on your current max leeching capabilities.

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