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The Filming Bots of Cabal


If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website. Wish you have a good day in the wonder game.

Now its time to teach you guys how to prove they're bots and how to burn them. Buying cabal alz here(cabal alz)! We all know how fun it is to accuse someone of botting and making a screenie that will get the person banned even if that person wasn't actually botting. Yes, they might get banned and yes, your goal may be achieved but what if the person is really. You're ruining his account that's what!

So here's how to avoid that: when you're bent on bot reporting do anything humanly possible to prove that he's not a bot. If he really is a bot your trials will incriminate then without a shadow of a doubt. If he's not a bot then you also get a good confirmation of that fact. Here We would provide you the cheapest cabal alz with the fastest delivery(cabal gold).

First get a nice screen capture program that can capture about 10 minutes of film and use the guide found here: CABAL Online - Community Forums - The Support Centre - CABAL - Tips and Tricks - How to make a video with Fraps or Xfire to report cheaters - they do enjoy giving huge titles to their guides don't they.You can buy alz.


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