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Tips about Cabal Warrior in cabal


Most players are want to know what is the "not uber" but good amount of attack points for warrior in Cabal? would you say 700? 800? how about def? Would you be able to put two attack buffs at 150? or is it at 160? By the way there have professionalCabal powerleveling service on our site, just order it when you need please.

Most player want to answer that 900+ att and 800+ defence is decent. And you can't put the same attack buffs because one cancels other. Att 170 with osm gs and eof+6 you will have 1010+att and with stit parts +6 820 def. But as you know that you cant use 2att buffs even at level170 with many cabal alz.

Def and wa's hp is somehow better than wiz's carton def and wiz's hp.Your lack of defense will not bother you at all if you know how and when to use bloody. Also you can buy some cabal gold. the reason you can't stack the attack skills is because they are Evoluated(yes I'm hoping this is a misstake in the translations too) skills and of the same type.You can buy alz.

You can stack 3 non Evoluated skills of the same type at 170 as you thought(also one of these 3 can be a Evoluated skill). You can cut the confusion, for only 1 evoluted skill can be used, it would be even more unfair towards other classes since 74+49+34=157, +157 cabal gold attack? It's like having half of Bloody spirit or having another 'temporary ' impact control+offensive sense upgrades maxed out.cabal alz is very important for players.


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