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Tips for DMG in Cabal


Most players asked the DMG between Lightning Slash and Blade Scud in Cabal online.I have collected the assume from other site.Hope it can help you to choose character.

First,let us assume Lightning Slash and Blade Scud is still x1.2 damage only. you need to compare the difference (in DMG) between CR+5% CD+20% and CR+10% CD+10%. Assume your base CR is 5% and base CD is 20% and it is without ANY equipment/buffs(cabal alz). Your CR will be 20% (from equipmentR) + 5% base CR = 25%. Your CD will be 38% (from equipment) + 20% base CD = 58%.

Let's say Your LS deals 200 damage to your friend. Buying cheap cabal gold here please.
LS is CR+10% CD+10%. the expected value of Damage Done:
= (Critical DMG x Probability of Critical Hit) + (Normal DMG x Probability of Normal Hit)(cabal alz)
= [200 x (1 + 0.58 + 0.10)] x (0.25 + 0.10) + 200 x [1 - (0.25 + 0.10)]
= 336 x 0.35 + 200 x 0.65
= 247.60

If you modify LS into CR+5% CD+20%, otherwise the same. the expected value of Damage Done:
= [200 x (1 + 0.58 + 0.20)] x (0.25 + 0.05) + 200 x [1 - (0.25 + 0.05)](cabal gold)
= 356 x 0.30 + 200 x 0.70
= 246.80

You can see, the difference is not very much.So you can choose the way you prefer to.We have best cabal alz service and safe cabal powerleveling service for you.Just order it if you need buy cabal. Have fun in cabal.You can  buy alz.


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