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Cabal Online News


CABAL Online Makers Get Tough on Crime

publisher of the massively multiplayer online games CABAL Online and Perfect World, have today stepped up its action against illegal private servers. It follows recent success against one of the large..


Cabal: Tips for Blades

PvP is something instead of taking 20 steps and turning with an old pistol in Cabal, you get a revolver thats been loaded with live ammunition and blanks and you have no idea in what order, and instea..


Freestyle PVP Adepts in Cabal

After watched many videos on youtube with Cabal PVPs. You have saw they make other style of PVP on others servers. After this update FS WA can kill FB, BL, WI or FA only from Compl GM(crit) even only ..


Guide for Warrior armor in Cabal

Most players are want to know armor about warrior. Even they are on high level. Maybe they are getting cabal gold to buy mithrill plate but lots of people say you dont have to buy mithrill because its..


Two Ranged DPS Classes in Cabal

Healers in Cabal: Make sure you are ready to HOT up your defensive tank as he engages, after this make sure one healer focuses on healing the tank exclusively while the other healer deals with the res..


CabalSEA Guild War in Malaysia

Its now time to prove your guilds worth in the Cabal Alz SEA Guild War held in Malaysia. Duel with other guilds for the stakes are high where winners will be crowned the strongest guild in Malaysia.Gu..


Skilling Guide for All Cabal Players

First you can get the noobiest SWORD skills you can ex: impact stab, flash draw, etc. then find a noob blader and offer him some Cabal alz (we offered 30k so he gave it to you no questions asked) to g..


The Question about Thread in Cabal

We have another question and we did not want to open another thread. what combination of weapons would be the best. We can afford 10%dmg mith kat and orb, 26%dmg osm kat and orb and 7%amp mith orb. ty..


Warrior Last Skill Guide in Cabal

Hope you like the following guide which selected from the other website by me, but its not my work, we just give it a summary. It is the newest article on skills of warrior in Cabal.Iron skin: Max 20,..


Party Buffs Tips in Cabal

Every class EXCEPT BLADERS have party buffs(Oh, and Force Blader, too, though FB got a party debuf.) There have many cheap Cabal alz in our stock. Make order when you dont have enough time for your ch..