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2Slot Drop Set Tips in Cabal


We know 2slotdropset is (probaly) a linear input. So at low levels you will not "see" any difference, because we cant see increases of a few percentage. Only statistical analysis will show that you are indeed dropping more. Only when you reach 3000 and certainly 3300-3500% the diffirences will be so obvious that you'll even spot the increase with the naked eye.

You will not drop a 2slotted often on a map without a set in Cabal, like FR. But you will see that the drop of 2 slotted becomes more frequent with a good 2slotdrop set. Before the dropset adventure( cabal alz), we dropped 2x 2slotted in 8 months. The more 2slotdrop we added, the more frequent these drops became, to a point where you get at least 1 per week.

It gets completly crazy when you gather a bunch of similar minded ppl, and start farming in 4-5 parties(cabal gold). Then you drop 1 or 2 2slotted each evening, which is quite exhilerating, and the pace in which slotted drops, then becomes simply amazing.

But you have to be cut out of the right wood, to fully use the set. It is not a miracle set. It requires hard work and dedication. There will be evenings where "not much drops". That is normal, as even with a luckset, you still need luck. A 2slotdropset gives you just more tickets to the lottery. You will love our cabal powerleveling service once you have a try.You can  buy alz.



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