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Cabal: Tips for Blades


PvP is something instead of taking 20 steps and turning with an old pistol in Cabal, you get a revolver that's been loaded with live ammunition and blanks and you have no idea in what order, and instead of walking you're supposed to stand still so your opponent doesn't get a chance to miss you.

We know duels are pointless and meaningless. Winning or losing one accomplishes less than nothing. In fact if you're still standing after a duel(cabal alz), you'll lose some hp(cheap cabal alz) pots filling your hp. So if you win, you actually lose money.

In Cabal there have about 95% of Cabal gameplay is PvE. But despite that no player ask for a good PvE combo when they start the game, all they care about is PvP. Perhaps it's because in PvP you only have two options, win or lose. And very few people mind losing on a daily basis. While in PvE it's harder to quantify success.You can buy alz.

Let's talk a little about FB skills before we start talking about PvE combo. The usefulness of certain skills depends on the level(cabal gold) of your gear. Some skills acquire an awesome DPS as you get more damage gear. Others are good throughout your Cabal experience. And others are useful when you first get them but lose their purpose simply because are surpassed by other skills.


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