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Guide for Warrior armor in Cabal


Most players are want to know armor about warrior. Even they are on high level. Maybe they are getting cabal gold to buy mithrill plate but lots of people say you dont have to buy mithrill because its not good crit.

The Titanium and Osmium used by everyone has "Sword Skill Amp.+7% cabal alz" in its slot. Its an option that increases your characters Physical strenght, while Mithril with HP only gives you alot of defense, but makes you quite weak. You can buy Cabal powerleveling service on our site as well.

Therefore try to get Shadowtitanium Boots/gloves(WA)+6/7 with "Sword Skill Amp.+7%" in slot and also an Osmium Armoursuit+6/7 "Sword Skill Amp.+7%+50HP" in slots. We Hope that answered your question or, if you don't have a lot of alz , just buy osm suit +6 , 100 hp / 5 amp , it's decent and for gloves / boots go for 4-5 amp sg(cabal gold) , you can make that with 100 kk max , and it's preety good untill at least 140.

It's very hard to get money by grinding but for others you can make 100 kk easy in 2 weeks max for eof. + 7 of moderate play, farming in ug at lihorn/zombies, getting entry and don't forget to do all quests (you can get 40 kk easy from quests 70-100 ). For more info check guides for beginner warriors use SEARCH. Just have fun in Cabal.You can buy alz.


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