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Skilling Guide for All Cabal Players


First you can get the noobiest SWORD skills you can ex: impact stab, flash draw, etc. then find a noob blader and offer him some Cabal alz (we offered 30k so he gave it to you no questions asked) to get both of his TRAINING katana/sword. We prefer getting only the katanas. Get yourself some good adept armor (each piece should give atleast +3 skill exp), and jewelry (DO NOT GET WEAPONS).

Wear the armor. Find a good monster you can tank as if you were punching(cabal alz). We did wriggles at lvl 56-60 and it worked perfectly. Level(Cabal powerleveling) these skills to around 9. Only up to nine it is bad if you do more. Make a hotkey bar of "1. Normal Attack 2. Impact Stab 3. Flash draw."

Watch yourself slowly kill the monster as your skill level increases fast in Cabal. Attack a monster. Make sure that you are hitting less than 10 damage on the monster. At level 56 you will atleast one skill level from a wriggle, and you can get around 4-6 levels each one.

The trick to skilling is how many times you use a skill, not how much damage you do(cabal gold). The reason why we said TRAINING katanas is best, because those hit the lowest on a monster, this is better than shadowsteel adept, because you gain more skill exp off of one monster.

It should take 5+ min on a monster, so you dont have to waste time quickly kiling many monsters for 10 minutes to gain one skill level, instead of slowling killing one monster for 5 minutes and gaining the equal amount of skill levels.You can buy alz.


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