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The Question about Thread in Cabal


We have another question and we did not want to open another thread. what combination of weapons would be the best. We can afford 10%dmg mith kat and orb, 26%dmg osm kat and orb and 7%amp mith orb. ty for answers. If you have 45 rate and rather high amp from gear, mith kat 10 dmg + 5 rate 20 CD lapis\topaz +6.This is more crit base and you need: 7% amp parts and bof+4 or higher or\and amp from pet + level(Cabal gold) 15x +.

If you have more rate than 45, mith kat 10 dmg + mith orb 7 amp. This combination gives you uber base so your fast skills will become very deadly. This is good for lower levels(cabal alz). 7% amp is better then 10% crit dmg on the same type of weapon. And two osm weapons would not give you enough base attack.

So until you can afford better, 7% amp mitr orb + osm katana/blade with 26%+ crit dmg is a good combination. But as dedantemon said, if you have 45% or less crit rate (140+ level buffs + 1 ROL+2cabal gold) getting 20% dmg 5% rate weapon is a better option then 26% dmg in Cabal. That 5% extra rate will make a bigger difference then 6% crit dmg.You can buy alz.


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