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Two Ranged DPS Classes in Cabal


Healers in Cabal: Make sure you are ready to HOT up your defensive tank as he engages, after this make sure one healer focuses on healing the tank exclusively while the other healer deals with the rest of the group. Try to equip -threat tactics if you can. Defensive Tank: Make sure you are fully buffed, HOT and guarded before you engage the mob. Initially you want to survive for a while with little healing (Cabal Alz), so try to use your block abilities so as the boss does not initially attack the healers.

 Offensive Tank: Make sure you have your defensive(cabal alz) tank guarded offensive tank and run in after him when the fight starts. All the melee should not be pulling aggro much in this fight, your job is to mostly do damage and RUN from the aoe. Also again remember to be on watch for the aoe, and to run when it comes. If you have mastered the initial pull and aggro and know when to run from aoe, then this should be a short and easy fight. But do not worry if you wipe! Sometimes he can go a bit psycho and not follow the plan. Just remember to keep moving from that aoe. cabal gold  and Cabal Powerleveling service are served in our website, you can buy them at lowest price as you need, and our customer service is also the best. Please place an order at any time.You can buy alz.


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